The Obsessive Image


Composer Howard Sandroff discusses the psychological and structural imagery, which drives his unique method of conjuring up and manipulating musical ideas. That same “obsessive image” is manifest and informs the steel scupture he began building in the early 2000’s. These works bear an uncanny aesthetic consistency with his compositions in that they are characterized by objects of extreme economy of material and complexity, which are not born of evolutionary development but by his interest in arresting time and space. The objects, both musical and steel interact with and are woven into with multiple clones and variations of the original object.

The conclusion may be inescapable, that for the last 40 years his musical compositions were actually his obsession to freeze the time and motion of music into the static spatial constructions, which are now his welded steel sculptures.

Using photos and recorded musical examples Sandroff will take you through the “obsessive image”, that dominates both the music and sculpture. Three of his smaller sculptures will adorn the presentation along with examples of recordings and scores.