On Nostalgia and the Chromocord: A Panel on the Arts|Science Initiative


The Arts|Science Initiative encourages independent cross-disciplinary research between students in the arts and the sciences. Graduate students from areas such as art history, English, music, cinema and media studies, theater and performance, creative writing, or visual arts are encouraged to pair up with graduate students from astronomy and astrophysics, biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, geophysical sciences, math, physics, or statistics areas for joint research projects. Two of the projects from 2012-2013, "The Chromocord," a collaboration between Francisco Castillo Trigueros (Music) and Josiah Zayner (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), and "Nostalgia: A Digital History," a collaboration Rebekah Baglini (Linguistics) and Jonathan Schroeder (English) will be featured at a panel moderated by Eric Slauter.